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About Academy

One of the Olympic sports – rhythmic gymnastics-is gaining popularity in Kazakhstan. Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful, elegant, feminine sport. This sport promotes harmonious physiological development, helps to develop aesthetically, forms taste. Rhythmic gymnastics strengthen the health of young athletes. Physical activity is accompanied by the development of flexibility, sense of rhythm, coordination of movements, plastics. Gymnasts are always beautiful posture, beautiful figure, plastic movement. In rhythmic gymnastics, children acquire a unique ability to present themselves. A smile, a turn of the shoulders, a tilt of the head, every gesture — everything here is verified, beautiful, confident. These skills will remain with the gymnast for life.

Alan gymnastics Academy LLP (further-Academy) is the organization which purpose of activity is popularization, promotion and development of gymnastics in Astana.  The Academy is a member of the accredited rhythmic gymnastics Federation in Astana and is doing a great job, instilling interest in sports in young children, laying the foundations for a healthy lifestyle. More than 700 children aged from 4 to 13 years are engaged at the Academy. Our gymnasts are engaged in a specialized hall of rhythmic gymnastics, which meets all the requirements of standards for the training process, as well as for competitions of city, national and international level.

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