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The inventory of rhythmic gymnastics


Rubber or synthetic. Length — 40 — 50 cm, weight — at least 150 g (each). For small gymnasts usually first buy Mace Junior, they are less than standard. The shape is similar to a bottle. The wide part is called the body, narrow — neck. The neck and body are usually covered with adhesive tape — plain or multi-colored.

How to behave: considered the most traumatic: despite the light weight, it happens, cause injuries and even cuts. Especially in group exercises, where they are thrown very high.


Rubber. Or synthetic materials, as elastic as rubber. Diameter — 18 — 20 cm, weight not less than 400 g, any color. The Junior ball has a diameter of 16 cm.

Behaves like: "Roll". In some elements it is difficult to catch. However, many gymnasts love it more than other subjects — it's nice to hold it in your hands.


Hemp or synthetic. Restrictions on the length does not exist, but it should be proportional to the height of the gymnast — when the rope comes with both feet, tips to get the athlete up to his armpits

How to lead: "stumble On it". Although it is considered the most docile — it begins with her training in rhythmic gymnastics. However, in group exercises, three ribbons and two ropes are usually woven into a shapeless bow.


It consists of a wooden or plastic stick, the actual ribbon and fastening carabiner, which is sometimes replaced by a nylon strap. The length of the stick — 50 — 60 cm (with a lobster clasp), diameter — 1 cm Ribbon — one piece strip of fabric length of at least 6 m and a width of 4 to 6 cm, weighs 35 g or more. Young gymnasts wand and the ribbon itself is a bit smaller.

How to lead: "Knotted". It reacts to the slightest fluctuations in air, even from air conditioners. An awkward movement — and she already node. And absorbing moisture, changes its properties — that's why gymnasts necessarily carry with them iron and often stroked the ribbon. Even soft ribbons injure — stick. Most often in group exercises.


Made of synthetic materials (e.g. plastics) that do not deform when moving. circular

Internal diameter — from 80 to 90 cm, weight — 300 g. Depends on the growth of the gymnast. Smooth or rough, color, fully or partially covered with adhesive tape (but not fluorescent). Diameter of Junior hoops 60, 70 cm, weight 260 g.

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